Support ABDI-PAC

There are a lot of great causes out there, but what could be more important than to invest in your own future? 

In order to be an effective organization, we need to have the employee step up and help us maintain this strong political action committee. If one person were to write a $5 contribution to a legislator, how much impact will it have? If you take that same $5 contribution and you make it to the ABDI-PAC and another member adds a $5 contribution, and another member adds a $5 contribution and so on — soon you have a significant voice. 

It's an opportunity to be engaged with your legislators and the political process, and work together to protect jobs in the three tier system. Get involved. Strengthen the beer distribution community. 

ABDI-PAC Liaison Program
These are your hard earned dollars, and we want you to know where your money is going. The ABDI-PAC liaison program is set up to show contributors what our success rate is and how their money is being spent effectively. It's designed to get this information in our member's hands and give them the confidence that ABDI-PAC is doing everything in its power to utilize their investments every day, every week, every month.