A community coming together to protect the three tier system, the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois Political Action Committee was established in January 1985 for the purpose of the protection and advancement of the wholesale malt beverage business. We accept contributions from businesses or and employees of the wholesale malt beverage business, to be used to support causes that affect the jobs and lives of the tier. We work for the nomination for election, and the election of, candidates for state and local elective offices and issues of public policy, and to make expenditures to state and local political committees. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit, unincorporated Association established in Illinois. The Membership is comprised of those who make voluntary contributions.

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  • A few years ago we inveseted in digital marketing so we can support our breweries and tell consumers about all of the great events that we have going on. Unfortunately, we learned that it was a gray area for the liquor control commission. We contacted the ABDI-PAC to help us work with the liquor commission to tell our brewery's stories and let consumers know about events happening in our territory.
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