2016 Primary Election


The 2016 Primary Election took place on March 15, 2016.  Thank you to each of you who have contributed to the ABDI-PAC.  ABDI-PAC participated in the primary by contributing to the campaigns of candidates who support the traditions and values of the Three Tier Regulatory Distribution System.  ABDI-PAC had a 97% success rate in the 2016 Primary Election.  In the Illinois Senate, 100% of the contributions were given to successful candidates, and in the Illinois House, 96% of the candidates who ABDI-PAC contributed to were successful.   Thank you to each of you who has contributed to ABDI-PAC.  It is because of your contributions that ABDI-PAC was able to be successful and to support candidates who will to help defend and promote the jobs of our distributor employees.

Below is a listing of every candidate ABDI-PAC has contributed to for the primary election.

download (7).jpeg

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