Distributor Dues Calculation and Remittance Form

The fiscal year for the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI) is December 1 through November 30. ABDI Membership is for the fiscal year beginning December 1 and ending November 30. ABDI ANNUAL DUES, which are paid monthly, are payable by the 15th of the month. Each month’s portion of the Annual Dues is computed on the basis of the previous month’s gallonage; i.e., dues payable on December 15 are based on November gallonage. Please round all figures, including the amount of the check, to the nearest dollar. 

FY '17 Dues are at the rate of 1.450¢ per equivalent case. The minimum dues have been eliminated. 

Step 1:

From Illinois Department of Revenue Return Form RL26, Line #23 for "Beer."

Step 2:

Equivalent Cases:
Monthly Dues Payable:

Step 3:

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